Extraction and PCRs

Posted by lekowala on April 16, 2007

Last week was a busy week for us.  Lots of DNA extractions and PCRs.  BYJL was doing PCRs till her eyes were crossed.  Its a good thing they came out alright.  Students from RGS joined us on Friday to learn some basic technics.  Lesson learnt – some protocols take forever.


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Visit to BTNS

Posted by rjcbarcode on April 16, 2007

We finally were able to collect samples so we went to BTNS on 7th April Saturday and collected 30 samples. Along the way we met the striking Ixora pendula which was in bloom and also some nasty horseflies and spiders. Nevertheless it was a fun trip into the forest =)

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Admiring trees

Posted by lekowala on April 12, 2007

A barracoder admiring Ixora pendula that we chanced upon at the CTFS site in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

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Hum dee dum

Posted by lekowala on December 6, 2006

Under construction…

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